GET HOT and get your life back!

plus tax


$750 or less

Over 2000 under 4000 sq ft enclosed structure

  • Home's
  • Townhouses
  • Store Fronts
  • Duplex's
  • Condo's
  • Whole Apartment Building
  • Bar's
  • Laundry Mat's


$550 or less

Over 1000 under 2000 sq ft enclosed structure

  • Home's
  • Townhouses
  • Store Fronts
  • Duplex's
  • Condo's
  • Double Wide Trailer's
  • Many kinds of business's


$400 or less

Less than 1000 sq ft enclosed structure

  • Home's
  • Semi's
  • RV'S
  • Single Apartment
  • Trailers
  • Boat's (for odor)

The dictionary defines HOUSE WARMING as a party to celebrate a person’s move to a new home. What happens if there are unwanted guest’s? We provide a professional, and environmentally friendly way to eliminate your unwanted guests from your home or place of business. We are prompt, indiscrete and friendly, we are willing to address any matter or concern that may arise. We use propane to heat treat your structure. This method is immediately safe for animals and humans to come back after treatment, and effectively kill bug’s, virus’s, bacteria’s, and eliminates odor’s.

We understand the hassle of having to start over from an infestation, and the financial stress that can put on an individual. When choosing heat with us we are able to save you from some additional cost that others can not. A heat treatment will eliminate your concern and you will be able too keep all your stuff. YES! : KEEP ALL YOUR BELONGING ! : Not only is your home being treated all of your belongings will be treated as well.

Things to Remove

  1. Vinyl (i.e. records, VHS, etc.)
  2. Vinyl mini-blinds
  3. Stringed instruments (piano, guitar, violin, etc.)
  4. Small Electronics (i.e. Nintendo DS, PSP, cell phones, tablets, gaming systems, etc.)
  5. Anything living (i.e. people, plants, cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, etc.)
  6. Photographs
  7. Oxygen Tanks
  8. Batteries (including batteries in smoke detectors, toys and remotes)
  9. Wax products (i.e. Candles, lipstick, make-up, etc.)
  10. Medications and vitamins
  11. Fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolates, wine & alcohol products
  12. Trash bags and zip-lock/plastic storage bags
  13. Oil paintings and fine arts, antiques with delicate finishes or glue points
  14. Fire Extinguishers
  15. Lighters and matches
  16. Bullets and explosives
  17. Pressurized cans (i.e. hairspray, some cleaning supplies, spray paint, etc.)
  18. Art Supplies (i.e. paints, crayons, etc.)
  19. Garbage and litter boxes
  20. All valuables, including cash, jewelry and anything of value that you are concerned about.
  21. De clutter all rooms, drawers and closets, remove items on top and bottom of closets.
  22. Remove all pictures/clocks from walls.
  23. Remove any light weight items that could be blown down and broken.
  24. If you have any dust/powder (i.e. Mother Earth D, talc, Seven Dusts) that is on furniture or floors
    this must be cleaned up prior to treatment.
  25. Items that are impractical to remove can be wrapped with an insulated material. However, Contractor does not guarantee insulated material will prevent damage to the item, and Contractor is not liable for any such damage.
Vinyl blinds will melt

If not removed aerosol cans will explode from high temperatures

Safe for animals after treatment
Its time to play
Safe for toys not make-up

Get your life back and get back to living.

You can easily vacuum away the dehydrated bugs after treatment. No chemicals all over.